RapidMiner Data Mining Assistant

The DM Assistant helps you to design processes by recommending operators that well fit with the operators already contained in the current process. Your current process is sent to a Web service which computes recommendations similar to the ones well known for books: "People who like to use X-Validation also use Apply Model".

The DM Assistant in action
Recommendations generated for the current process.

This screenshot shows recommendations for the current process. The Remember operator adds objects to a process-wide context from which they can be retrieved using the Recall operator which is recommended by the DM Assistant. Also, the X-Validation typically requires the evaluation of a model using a combination of X-Validation and Apply Model.

Whenever the processes is changed in RapidMiner, the current process is sent to a Web service as a query. The Web service computes appropriate recommendations and returns a list of operators.

The Recommender Web Service
The recommender Web service architecture

One side effect of using a Web service is that this Web service can be trained automatically over time. By analysing the processes it sees, it constantly improves its recommendations.

The DM Assistant Extension can be downloaded from the Rapid-I Marketplace from within RapidMiner. Details are available here. Once the extension is installed, go to RapidMiner's View menu and enable the "Operator Recommendations" view.