Taverna IDA Plugin

Taverna's Intelligent Discovery Assistant (IDA) activity gives access to data-mining workflows without creating the workflow by hand. This uses The IDA plugin to access e-LICO's various planning capabilities, create plans for workflows, convert chosen workflows into Taverna form and then execute the data-mining workflows against RapidAnalytics. taverna offers the IDA activity in two ways:

  1. A step-by-step user interface that takes a user through each stage of using the IDA, uploading data, setting goals and tasks, calling the planner, choosing a workflow. Once converted to Taverna form, it is joined up to any existing Taverna workflow and then executed, with the planned portion being run against RapidAnalytics.
  2. There is a simplified version of the IDA in Taverna; this allows data to be uploaded, a simple template chosen and then the planner is invoked behind the scenes, the best ranked workflow chosen and converted. This version of the interface needs much less intervention by the user.
The Taverna IDA plugin

To install the plugin, the user will need to tell Taverna where to get the plugin from:

  • In the Advanced toolbar, click `Update and plugins', `Find New Plugins', `Add update site', then fill in site name as `IDA plugin site' and the URL as http://rpc295.cs.man.ac.uk:8080/idaplugin/ then click OK.

The plugin should now appear in the list, select the plugin and click Install. Please restart Taverna for the changes to take effect.

  • To use the IDA plugin, you must specify the local flora directories, in Preferences under the subsection e-LICO.

The IDA is exposed in the `Service Panel' in the `IDA' folder. There are two ways of using the plugin; either by using the full `IDA wizard' or the simplified templates.

The plugin sources are available at http://taverna.googlecode.com/svn/unsorted/taverna-elico/.