Taverna is one of the platforms used to deliver the e-LICO data-mining platform to scientists. Taverna is a suite of workflow-related tools, including Taverna Workbench that allows users to create, edit and run workflows. The Workbench gives access to any Web service and has the means of supporting many other types of activity.

The Taverna Workbench

Within e-LICO, Taverna is one of the means by which scientists can gain access to the data-mining operators and Intelligent Discovery Assistant. e-LICO has extended Taverna with a RapidMiner activity that gives the means to put RapidMiner operators into taverna workflows, so that they can become part of scientific analyses. A second extension, the IDA activity, allows Taverna to use the services of e-LICO's IDA to plan workflows according to the data supplied and the tasks specified.